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ThommCo is a global communications, marketing and PR firm transforming the way businesses reach their audience. Gone are the days where marketing your brand, services or products worked. Staying in front of your competition requires relentless and constant attention to your marketing.

ThommCo was born out of the idea that relationships, marketing and public relations should turn a profit, not just keep a business afloat. After working in corporate America, our CEO realized you get one or the other: a marketing firm, or a PR firm. So, we created an infused PR & Marketing System all while lowering the overall cost.

Welcome to Profitable Relationships. We take the load of networking, marketing and PR off your hands to ensure you have the time, resources and ability to scale, grow and invest in your purpose.

Our Finger is on the Pulse of Culture & Business


Described as "having his finger on the pulse of culture and business," our CEO, Matthew Thomas Oberly, created the Profitable Relationships System while keeping world leaders, CEOs, and influential experts on global stages, in the news, and profiting off their expertise.

By strategically fusing media relations, marketing and public relations opportunities, we monitor culture, trends and the news daily, never missing a beat so you can spend your time and money on growing your business and brand.

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There is no easier way to reach millions than TV, radio, podcasts, and print media.

Using data-backed content development, planned media engagements & marketing tactics used by BIG BRANDS, we put your brand in front of millions.

Our strategy includes daily engagement online ensuring your brand is in front of the right people at the right time, driving Profitable Relationship-directed conversations.

Gone are the days only Fortune 100 companies could use earned media to lead conversations. 

Our team builds a long-term, sustainable presence for your brand so you can stop wasting time and money on short-term digital marketing strategies.

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We train you, your team and your employees on how to better connect with their purpose so they can communicate effectively. Speechwriting, interview prep, LinkedIn copy, white papers, blog posts, social media, ghostwriting?

You name it, we'll provide it.
We get the job done because our only goal is your success.

We support, prep, coach and market your brand while developing and repurposing your earned media and success stories, while driving your ongoing digital marketing. Our strategy will increase the value of your bookings and deepen your credibility and exposure over time as putting you in front of millions.

Find out more by booking a call and receive 17 LinkedIn Post Templates for your time.

Earned media has never been more accessible to entrepreneurs, experts & small business.

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ThommCo is relentless on delivering results at a lower cost.

✔  We surveyed a client's audience before, during, and after the implementation of their customized Profitable Relationships System. The audience and our client took note.

✔️ Over 85% of respondents said the visual and contextual improvements made through the customized Profitable Relationship system built credibility between them and the brand immediately increasing their conversion rate by 20%.

✔️ Our client's see growth and a ROI of 400 to over 1000% with two client's seeing over 1400% growth to date. Our work ensures growth long after we're gone.

ThommCo is a zero-retainer marketing, PR & consulting firm.
One price, one payment. You are a lifetime client.

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Create A Boundless Brand where relationships add to your bottom line.

Your brand is profitable. Your offering works. But to keep growing, you have to outpace your competition at every step.

PR adds the layer of relationships, marketing, and evergreen content your clients are already searching for when they Google your name.

We market your purpose, your expertise and your industry-leading track record, keeping you in front of thousands...and even millions.

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Thomm & Co. has been around the block, and boy have we seen a thing or two in our time. Most of all, our clients have shined on tv and radio, social media, on keynote stages, and throughout digital and print publications. You likely know their names.

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